Welcome to Clermont Caravan Park

Clermont Caravan Park is a spacious park situated in a quiet part of Clermont, a small country town of approximately 2,400 people, one of the oldest inland settlements in Queensland. 

The park is surrounded by fascinating natural beauty and there are numerous places of interest not very far away. Our staff are all extremely knowledgeable about the region and will be more that happy to suggest you great places you can visit. 

If you’re not in the mood to go places and just want to spend some time with your family, we’ll be glad to offer BBQ and Kitchen facilities.

We have an enviable record of exceeding customer expectations and we don’t let our customers’ expectation weigh us down. Our passion for excellence has helped us delight customers and be a part of the joy they experience when they are in clermont.

You can find out information on Gold Fossicking, Hood's Lagoon, the Old Copperfield Store and Chimney, Clermont Museum, Theresa Creek Dam, Historical Mural, Wolfgang Peak and the Lord's Table Mountain.

The Clermont Caravan Park promises you space and facilities that ensure the fun, relaxation and time with friends or family that you’ve been longing for.

Pamper yourself with the best available services in the region, treat your eyes to some amazing beauty, get that quality time with your loved ones and friends, and above all have the time of your life at the Clermont Caravan Park.